Any 4MS Tapographic Delay users?


Think I want one but keen to hear any thoughts on it? How’s it compare to your other delays? Any other modules that do rhythmic delays like this?


DLD is a great module. Can not imagine my rig with out it unless I had a chronoblob. I believe the Crono is the DLDs biggest rival.

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I just remembered I did play with 4MS topo at Found Sound and contemplated getting one for a bit. Very different for a delay. Never really see them come up second hand much. Must be a keeper too.

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I’ve never seen a Tapo delay sold 2nd hand. If you do see one let me know :smile:
DLD looks awesome. Ideally I’d buy both!

Is the Chrono really close competition? The DLD looks much better to me.


Can not say. Never actually used the Chrono. I have seen them in a lot of cases.

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I’m a big fan of the Tapo. I’ve also got the Chronoblob and the difference is huge. Chrono works great for rhythmic delays but the Tapo gets weird, into textures and resonance way out of normal delays.

The different filter modes, res, amp, lpf give lots of variety to the sound. Plus the sequencing mode moving between presets with taps and with cv control of the morph speed is awesome.

One of the main reasons I got it was to take mono signals and give it a stereo space and it does that really well.

Highly recommended. Looks good in the new black panels too.


Awesome thnx… weird, textures and resonances its exactly what I like.
Have you got anything online featuring the Tapo?


Made a quick patch to try and demo it using the resonant mode on some high velocity taps.
Simple patch with a plain analog source from the harmonic oscillator, then switched over to some clipped wavetables from e352.

Let me know if you want a demo of anything specific.

This is a phone vid but the audio is recorded from my interface so it may not line up.