Anyone familiar with RME and reaper? multitrack recording issue

Hey, I was going to try some multi track recording from my modular, I have all the cables etc hooked up to the 8 inputs on my RME UC interface, However im only getting a signal in reaper through input 1 + 2?

I think its maybe due to not understanding how the total mix software works, I am not sure how to set it up so reaper gets audio in on all 8 tracks?

Reaper --> Options --> Preferences --> Audio --> Device:
[X} Enable inputs
first: Analog (1)
last: Analog (8) <<<— This is most likely currently set to (2).

Thanks, I cant find the enable inputs thing though, its not in the audio device settings? theres a box that says input channels and it set to 8, and i can get a screen to name the 8 different channels… one thing is the drop down menu for the input device has pairs of inputs, its currently set to analog 1 + 2. The only option that is not a pair of inputs in spif/coax

Sounds like you are not using the correct Audio System. Use “ASIO” and then select what ever RME device you have. If there’s no option for it, then you haven’t installed the drivers yet. (


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correct you are sir, hopefully this does the trick, I will try again on the weekend, thanks heaps for the help :slight_smile:

couldnt wait till the weekend to try it out, im getting audio on all 8 tracks now thanks so much