Anyone offering build services for harder builds?


I really want me a uJove, but its a bit beyond my skill set unfortunately… :frowning:

I’ve built a bunch of kits, but never sourced components from scratch… and SMD is outside of my ability.

Anyone offer a build services at all? And Is it financially viable?



I’m about to build one. Have all the components, just waiting on the PCB/panel to arrive. I’d offer to build one, but I try to fit my DIY between fulltime work, a toddler and other music endeavours. Plus living on the west coast may not be ideal.

There are a few east coasters that I see regularly post DIY builds for sale, either on the AW FB page or eBay.

I can definitely recommend exploring SMD stuff a bit more. A good iron and a $150 binocular microscope from ebay go a long way, especially for 0603 sized components. Plus there are always people willing to help on the DIY forums for any troubleshooting.


Oh man. Please keep me posted on how it goes. I might send you a PM if you don’t mind nytlab?


@Focal6 I can offer you build services for all difficult modules. Super clean pro quality builds, example pic below. Based in Melb but will ship anywhere. I can provide references.

I was thinking of ordering some uJove pcb/panels so I can include another set if you’d like me to build one for you. It would mean a wait of about 3-4 weeks if you can hang in there. That takes into account waiting for the boards/panels, B50K pots etc, build/testing and delivery. The price would be similar to a standard Jove new.

If you’re interested let me know real soon because Pusherman’s holding another project for me at the moment so I need to move pretty quick.


Hi Roni, thank you very much for the response. I have gone ahead and purchased all of the components for the build over the weekend… I’m going to have a go at this myself. After spending a full day researching SMD techniques, I think I’ve got this…? Hopefully I don’t end up with a paperweight. :open_mouth:
Thank you for the response. If this falls on its face, I’ll definitely have you in mind for future builds. Your work looks super pro. Cheers, Ross.


No probs, Ross. Good luck with the build. If you need a hand working something out, have any questions I’m happy to help. Just shoot me a tingle. Hope it all goes weĺl for you.


I sometimes do builds for money. Don’t think that just building can be viable (in Australia).
I don’t think starting your SMD-trip with uJove is a good idea, but godspeed :slight_smile:

Roni is a good builder, I would trust his hand :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ilya, yes I agree. My components arrived this week, I realised after seeing just how tiny the components are that the uJove isn’t a good first SMD build.