Anyone still using APC40 mk1?


after years of strictly using ableton arrangement view i’ve started messing with session view, and thinking i might benefit from an inexpensive clip launcher.

any general thoughts/sentiment on APC40 mk1 vs mk2, or similar devices eg launchpad?


I’ve got a MK1 and used to love it. Solid build. It got sidelined by my Push, then later Push 2. Not that I wouldn’t have run it alongside the Push, apart from clip colors it’s probably better for session view with the sliders and all, i just didn’t have the desk space for both of them. Nowadays I rarely use the DAW, so Push is collecting dust and I think about pulling out the APC. A friend and I mapped it as a controller to a teensy project we were working on, and I’m also thinking of mapping it into my Performer sequencer.

Don’t have experience with the MK2 so can’t say for sure, but on screen it doesn’t look like it would be not quite as solid as the MK1. Obviously the colors on the MK2 are a big plus, but other than that the MK1 was built like a tank.


I’ve had the APC40 mk1 which was great, but now I have the mk2 which I think is a fair bit better. The interface is a bit better (send/pans are above each channel, and the send selecting is better), and the whole thing is a more manageable size I think. Also pads can be any colour, not just green/orange/red.

I have a Push 2 also, and they compliment each other nicely

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