Aussie Wiggs Bandcamp/Soundcloud Database


In the spirit of Mr Rachele’s post on Facebook, let’s dedicate this thread to keeping tabs on our community’s recorded output :blush: :revolving_hearts:

This is me:

And my album that came out earlier this year:


My two most recent albums

Lakeshore - LP2

MD Cook - Laurel

More brisbane electronics here :slight_smile:


Speaking of Mr.Rachele…


Here’s my soundcloud:

Most of the tracks made in the last few years are modular-based. I started with a Microbrute in 2014 and went from there.


I uploaded some patch examples of the Bastl Kastle a while back which was fun!


Virus Installer music can be found here…
Psytrance and more recently experimental & IDM

Current & ongoing projects. Nearly finished a space prog album & follow up experimental IDM to Scientific Method.



Latest on bandcamp here:

Allinaire - Live on Youtube



Just released today!!! The perfect gift for the holiday season!!!







Absolutely digging this! My ears don’t quite know what to focus on first!!!


Latest album from my main project (dystopian post-folk experimental electronics) (nine more releases plus Vinyl & CDs available on the Bandcamp page, older releases are free)

My soundcloud (outtakes of whatever I happen to be working on at the moment)



First tune using some modular bits and pieces -


More modular one-take madness, please to enjoy:


messing around on the weekend

aaaand took a sicky today off to piss around on the modular too


New one on WYWS

Substation presents: Zodiac Man - Idios Kosmiche

Some Modular, Lots of Jupiter 6, SH-101, KR55 etc.



Material Object + Atom™


sweet ass merch. great consistency and vibe!



This one has obvious modular work in it