Australian Vinyl Pressing- Where to go?


I’ve been wanting to press a bunch of my tracks to 12" vinyl. I have been shopping around and have found a few of them within Australia. Any of you guys out there had experience with getting vinyl pressed here? Not wanting to a huge run, maybe a 100?


Maybe investigate Qrates?
Not local obviously but you could buy some of the production run and sell here? pretty cost effective option tbh

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Last album we got pressed by a place in eastern Europe, I’d have to get the details from my bandmate, but for a small run they were much cheaper. Quality was good as was the printing of the jacket.


Cool, I hadn’t thought of them. Will check them out! Cheers


More food for thought! Thanks man!


Have you tried Zenith in Melbourne?

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Just checking them out now. Even more options!!! Thanks!


Local pressing seems to be very expensive :frowning: Not sure if it’s viable to break even if you are not an established name. On a pro side you will not have to deal with import tax and shipping rates/time.


My band used Zenith for our EP’s. Small run. Was expensive but we decided to support small Australian business as a matter of principle and I’m glad we did.
They were great. Very helpful and on time. We try to do as much as possible in the NT but vinyl pressing wasn’t possible.