Bastl for the Tin Shed?


Any love or interest in seeing Bastl in the Tin Shed store at all. Trying to gauge if its viable or not.


modules or machines (Thyme, Dude, etc) or both?

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At this stage just the Euro modules mate


Don’t have any of their modules but have always had an appreciation for their innovative take on euro. Weren’t available locally so never investigated further. If I was starting over again now or new to euro and they were available and affordable locally, I’d invest in their utilities and maybe a CV trinity. Popcorn always fascinated me. Never liked the faux timber face plates though. I’m sure if you stocked Dark Matters ( casper collab right ) they would sell like hot cakes!

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I’d be keen on their kits.

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I say go for it. Their stuff is rad

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thanks mate. Yeah i got some of the Timber ones when i first got started and although funky they were a pain to fix into the rack and i ended up cracking one


noted…cheers mate


I’m heading that way :slight_smile:


Hey Chris, I just joined the group but wanted to add a vote of interest. I’m keen to get a hold of the new Bastl “Timber” (waveshaper). Not sure if they are planning to bring out a DIY version yet.


second on not a fan of the wood panels, but would definitely end up grabbing something or other somewhere along the lime. maybe the Skis


I was just looking into getting another Skis, and would much rather buy local, so a definite yes from me. Strong preference for the aluminium panels.


just to clarify, I also prefer the aluminium panels, it’s just unfortunate that the new Bastl waveshaper module I’m after is titled “timber”


Interested in 1983


Thanks everyone for taking the time to give some feedback.
I have some Bastl modules ( including a few kits) on way.
If you have something specific in mind shoot me a PM or email and I can let you know if its already in or add it to the order before it gets shipped later this week