Befaco and where to start building your own?


I was thinking about giving some of the Befaco modules a go. I’ve never soldered anything before in my life. Is it hard to build a module? What would suggest to start with. I mean I’m not really bothered with what it is. It’s more about the process than anything else. I’d like to build up to their mixer.

Would you recommend building your own. Just thinking out allowed here folks. This seems to be a better arena than fb to do this.


Music thing modular have excellent build guides and links on “how to solder”.

My 1st DIY was a 4MS RCD, and I managed to pull it off. But it was a bit of a mind f%^K. :wink:

ps. the Bubblesound Mix6 would be a kinda easy mixer to build

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I made my befaco a*b+c after some very basic tutorials from a mate. It’s surprising how fast you learn. Maybe make a Jaycar kit of some bullshit that you can learn on easily and then try something without smd components haha. Post the results though!


I’ve built a bunch of the Befaco kits and think they would work well for an introduction or anything from Thonk with a good manual. The Befaco mixer or attenuator modules would be a good place to start then work up to things like the Rampage and Muxlicer.
As long as you pick kits with good manuals your chances of success are high. It’s not that hard to make basic kits and get comfortable with the iron. Just start small and accept maybe the first build will have issues. Befaco has a happy ending kit where they will fix your broken build but by the time you post to Barcelona it will be pricey.

You don’t need much to get started. Don’t need an expensive soldering iron, just something with a decent sized tip that gets good contact. I like the chisel style tips so you get a flat contact with the pcb. Would recommend getting a holder like this to make it easier.

Good luck with your first build!


Go for it!
Befaco kits are great and well documented.
An idea for your first kit might be a passive multiple, like this
Passive mults only have a circuit board and connectors - no components to fry as you learn soldering :slight_smile:
It’s a great skill to have.
Good luck.

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or, make a switched multiple…
very useful for live performance.


Where about are you based? There’s diy groups that I know of in Perth and Sydney, and I’m trying to get one started in Melbourne at MESS in the new year now that vicmod don’t build things any more


Melbourne - I’d be up for that …
reminds me to ask santa for a new soldering station :thinking:


Thanks for the replies folks. I’m up in Darwin so absolutely no chance of me attending a group. I’d imagine I’m the only person in town doing anything with modular to be honest.
Yeah I thought of doing the dual attenuverter as a first. I use the equivalent in vcv endlessly so seems to make sense. I really like the idea of doing some self building. I know I don’t have the best record with being a perfectionist though so thought I might be biting off more than I can chew. You’ve convinced me to give it a go though.


Just thinking out aloud here but the guy everyone gets to fix and condition their amps up here would probably be a good resource. I dare say he might be interested in the medium too.


One in Melb would be great!

I’m also a n00b a soldering, thinking of starting off with the Manhattan Analog DTM.

And then gradually making my way up to build the DannySound Oscillators, any recommendations on modules I should build in between the MA DTM and DannySound OSCs?


Keen for Melbourne. Always finding excuses not to bother learning to DIY.


Hi all, I’m trying not to spam too hard but I put together a survey to help build the case for a build group in Melbourne, if you’re keen and would be able to get to Melbs then please fill out this survey so I’ve got a bit more info on how it should be set up. Cheers!


Ive recently got into DIY myself. A great starting point for me to build confidence was making guitar pedals. They are super cheap to build (I made 5 for under $150) and once you have a basic in/out module they make great effects for your eurorack.


Let me know if you do decide to go Befaco. Although they may not be up online i can grab any kits you are after. I try and order regularly from Befaco. :slight_smile: