Beginner DIY Session


Hi all,
How many of you would like to join in a learn and build DIY session to make one of these? Im thinking it would cost around $190. And you would get to go home with new DIY skills and this module. Im going to order asap and looking at getting 20 people max. It would be in Sydney. If theres enough interest might even look at getting custom panels. Let me know what you think! Cheers and thanks [John Jacobs]

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Heck, if I was in Sydney, I’d go just to hang out with other Wigglers, soldering on! :sunglasses:


Melb on the cards now maybe too. Where are you?


Adelaide. Our local modular collective is gearing up to the possibility of sdiy workshops/sessions but not looking like this kind of timeframe.


Well would love to organise one in Adelaide! If there’s interest I’ll do my best


I’ve put the word out Marty, see if we can drum up some interest :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes awesome thanks!


If people haven’t soldered much or at all, I’d recommend going to these as they’re a great way to learn as you’re building cool stuff and also meeting new people. I went to one years ago in SA and that’s what got me started in DIY. I get a very similar mediative vibe soldering as I do when I’m patching the modular actually. It’s also pretty rewarding knowing you built some of the modules in your rig. :slight_smile: