Cable question - stereo

Is anyone here aware of where I could find dual 3.5mm cables? Trying to cut down on cable clutter when patching stereo modules together.

I’m also super interested in this, and haven’t had much luck finding anything. Pairs with red/white jacks on either end would be nice.

Another simple option that would be nice would be a stereo -> twin mono 3.5mm converter. Also hard to find, but that would pair well with a stereo cable and/or a stereo 3.5mm -> twin 6.35mm mono cable (which are easy to find).

edit: Actually, how about this:
plus this:

there are probably shorter versions around.

Swamp Industries? Their cables are good.

It’s true, they are good cables. They don’t have anything like this in stock though. I might send in a request for some custom cables, see what they say.