Case building/ finishes


Good afternoon fellow wigglers,

I am currently building a case and am wondering wether people have either oiled or varnished their cases after staining them?



Depends on the look you are after, personally I like danish oil. Application is fairly easy, and combined with some sanding with high grits will produce a very hard smooth finish.


be aware there are some oils that dont ‘set’, they are absorbed into the timber and are supposed to be reapplied periodically so just avoid those…


This is the Danish Oil finish on my new case, wood is marine grade plywood (scored it cheap from the off-cut bin!). Is sanded to 180 grit with two coats. I’m happy with the look now and won’t go any further.


Hi Ya all,

If you want your cases stained, painted or clear finished hit me up. Im a furniture finisher based in Sydney. Happy to help out any wiggler at a discounted rate.