Anyone interested in a few of these? https://hackaday.io/project/160538-cem3340-module
I’d probably only want 3-4, so it would be worth chipping in with others…

I haven’t really thought about panels and mounting - probably just 3D print up some holders or something. Kind of annoying it doesn’t have screw holes, but I guess that makes it cheaper…

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There are already some really good diy modules built around the 3340. Unless you are looking for basic implementation that can sit behind a 4hp panel, it’s not really bringing much to the table.


I’ve been building my VCOs around the 3340 ICs (although using AS3340s in place of the more expensive CEM3340s).

I agree with @teebeehex, doesn’t really bring anything new, the schematic looks a lot like the reference design along with a power supply section. Plus the added complexity of SMT!


I have pcbs/panels for a 6hp 3340 based oscillator, more like the pro-one design than this one. Also has op-amps to bring all the wave outputs to the same level. $25 a set (2 PCBs + Panel) if you’re keen.

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Huh… yeah, looking at that makes me realise how much space the jacks an pots are gonna take up… was thinking I could fit a 3 in a ~12 hp module, but maybe that’s a bit wishful thinking, at least without losing a lot of functionality, or getting really fiddly…

I might be up for a few sets. Do you have a BOM available?


Sure do it’s here


It looks like ICs 1 & 4 are SOP-8 and IC3 is SOT-23, is that right?

And I guess U1 and 2 are 78L05 and 79L05, right? I can’t find LM7805 or 7905 in SOT-89 packages…


Just saw this, yep they’re the ones. Just a +ve and -ve 5v regulator for U1 and 2. IC3 is a SOT-23 comparator for the pulse waveform.