Custom DIY blank panels, any info?


i’ve not looked into any custom DIY eurorack stuff before so apologies if this is covered elsewhere but i was wondering if anyone had ever had any custom panels made. specifically with custom graphics.
i wanted to do some of my own blank panels in varying widths with my own designs…

anyone have any experience with this?
thank you


I’ve used Glossy Self Adhesive paper…
Find an image, print it, stick it on a blank.
You can get 20 sheets for about $5 on ebay

Blanks I’ve been able to make from thin ply wood… about the thickness of Bastl modules.
It’s a pain, but with sand paper and time, doable


top marks for creativity! im looking for something that would be 100% finished though, like a store bought brand name item… just made by me.


3mm MDF cut with a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade, clamped and cut along a straightedge or on a sawbench slide. Drilled the corner holes/slots with a hand operated twist drill press. Sand off any markings on the faces and in my opinon it looks as neat as lasercut. Didn’t need to touch it up but could have used a burr cutting bit in a dremel.
I don’t have any blanks installed right now but did condider doing some sharpie art or a spray paint effect…


I’ve been using (unfortunately only 4mm) aluminium lengths from Bunnings. Cut then to rough length with a cut off disk on an angle grinder, then finish them to length with a disk sander. I usually just sand them to give the brushed aluminium look but I’m considering etching or attempting to do some engraving.

What gear do you have available, if you are looking for “store bought” quality, it all comes done to what finishes you can achieve.


i don’t have any tactile DIY skills or desire to want get tools out and do things physically. im looking for a solution that is as simple as doing a design on a computer file and having that magically made somehow… im looking into 3d printing now…