Custom enclosure makers in Australia


I’m looking to commission a design and build an enclosure for 21 or 24U x around 110cm of HP. I’m not going to be hauling this to gigs, so wood would probably look nicer, but I could handle a metal version if that was the only choice. Either way, I’m happy to pay for something that it built to last and looks good.

I’m aware of and will contact him/her/them. The Masonmack website is no longer up and the website seems to be defunct.

Are there any other custom makers who can build something like this (and have credible track record)? Sydney area, inc. Newcastle and Wollongong, would be ideal (but not essential), as I could drive a van to collect rather than paying for delivery, then smuggle the enclosure past my wife when she’s not paying attention.

I appreciate this will cost a bit, both for design and build, and that any delivery costs will likely be a fraction of those costs.


Not exactly purpose built travel cases, but elby designs make excellent cases in all different shapes and sizes. they are built from 6Ux42hp modules, so can easily build a 24Ux208hp which is about the width you want. Probably better yet would be 2x 12Ux20hp.



Thanks @sammus187. I’d looked at the Elby Designs pieces, but didn’t think I’d be able to build up to the height that I want. I’ve got limited horizontal space, so I need to build up.

I’m currently thinking of something that looks more or less like the ADDAC 901M (, with extra 3U at the top and/or at the bottom, a few other custom features, plus lid for the few occasions that I have to move the thing (likely only when moving houses). Portability/built to travel is not something I’m looking for. This is going to sit happily in my home studio.


Oops, i misread and thought you said youd be hauling it to gigs! Colin Benders style!

The elby boxes can be stacked as high as need be, they might not make cheeks especially for 24U, but the case and rails is the hard part, knocking up some cheeks for the sides is simple. If you dont have the tools any woodworker could easily do it. Maybe @DSX_Machina ? :wink:

Otherwise, Laurie at elby could probably help.