Cwejman offer

hello strangers. As many of you know I have been pretty hectic with the “day job” Thats not likely to stop any time soon sadly.

I have 2 Eggshell white Cwejman PH4 Phase modulators left in stock So to say sorry for being an absent wiggler here is an exclusive Aussie Wiggler offer. use the coupon TINCWE to get $300 off! Thats right $300 off. you pay $400

Get yourself in the Cwejman game the affordable way. Be quick there are only 2. Just be nice and don’t resell them straight away!!!



One down, one to go.

Thanks Ash!

Thanks Chris!

and thank you !!!

Hellova deal!

One left?

It’s great that you have exclusives on this site Chris. People should come here more.


thanks pal. I am probably as bad as anyone else for forgetting this awesome forum. Bloody FB!!!