DIY Passive Row


Can some of you fine folk point me in the right direction for some parts? I am sorted for thonkiconns, but I wanted to source some pots to make some attenuators. I’m not sure what I should be looking for, or what information I need to search myself, so any information would be really handy.
I want to make a few passive attenuators, a couple mults, and i’m not sure what else!


I already told you I have all the parts

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including the logic Chips, to do the logic section.

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im not Dying haha :zombie:


The Alpha pots sold by Thonk are very good, I use them for most of my DIY stuff.

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Thonk seems to be a consensus for many peeps that I have asked.


I order parts from:

Tayda Electronics ( - they have a lot of parts, really good prices, accept PayPal and ship via DHL
element14 ( - If you want it fast they are great (if they have it in stock you will get it the next day).
Jaycar is my fallback (they are a 2 minutes drive away)

I’ve not used Thonk, they look good for harder to find ICs.