Dream euroserge?

as some of y’all know, i’ve been gradually building up my serge eurorack. YEE

i know exactly what it’s gonna look like for now, but nonetheless thought it would be fun to see how you guys would go about the same task.

would any particular modules, manufacturers or concepts form the core of your euroserge? why these things in particular? what would you use it for? bananafied or not?

personally the initial cores of mine will be 2x R*S DUSG, a QMMG, a Sapel, and an ARC TKB (thanks dinesh!). gonna use it as my only hardware synth but particularly geared towards amelodic glitchy west coast noodling rather than anything particularly utilitarian.

will later add a static 909 kick so i can jam twelve hour slots at berghain


I love the RS modules! Especially the filters, they can go from nice and smooth to completely off-kilter weirdness. I have a smooth and stepped generator as well which I barely understand, but it produces some pretty unique results when you CV randomly . The RS NTO sounds awesome but for a single oscillator it’s pricey… although I would sell my DPO for one!!!

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I have a row of r*s sitting as part of a more digit setup for live, but am also building a mostly Elby/CGS serge system with all banana jacks. The idea for that second system is to patch in a more focussed way, without distraction from the euro modules I’m more used to, but with adaptors so that it can interface with the other racks for recording.

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