Euro-crack black hole theory


Is it natural evolution to want to build a smaller, more focused setup, after going crazy and almost covering a wall with knobs and blinking lights?

I’ve spent more time on GAS than making music this year until I setup a smaller system and really learnt how to fly it.

Am I alone with this thought?

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No, to me its normal. I reckon I spent ages thinking everything was amazing, then as you try more stuff and move it in and out of your rack you work out what works for you. Of course, for some people that’s a lot bigger rack than for some others.

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I think the important thing is to know ‘how to fly it’ before you even get past 2 or 3 modules. I’ve built up a big system over the years but I do enjoy working and creating on a smaller system as I like the limitations it provides and forces extra creativity. The big system is handy for studio work though as it allows me to work quickly.
So yes, it really depends on what you use the modular for. You can do so much with just a small system and I think many people miss thins because of the consumerism aspect of lusting over the latest modules and not actually using and learning the modules you have.



I’ve only ever had 6u 84hp, and I think I could only ever wrangle another 3u at most. I have a tiny home, and need to be smart about my GAS but after my old Electribe hoarding multi gear based setup, to have the eurorack as a nutty groovebox that can take me away in a tiny size, I would really be wasting cash by going bigger, and then I wouldn’t be able to go to other peoples places to jam with it.
There’s so much to be gained from having it light, portable, and immediate. Not to mention what @rdomain says about learning how to fly.
I can lust, and dream, but having the size limitation means I can be more discerning over what my setup truly needs, and that to me is super valuable.



I pretty recently sized up from 9u 104hp to an Amalgamod 12u 104hp, as I wanted something that felt like a complete, full voiced and functioned system, and also that the Amalgamod case is super portable and much lighter than my last case. But where I’m left now is feeling a little burnt out from figuring out what to get to fill in that extra space, as adding anything extra is seeming to demand even more other stuff to get proper functionality out of it all. And then when I’m patching it up I don’t feel like I’m getting the most out of each unit and that patches get unnecessarily complex. Could just be that I need to learn how to use a system this size, but there is a part of me that’s just yearning to downsize it to a 7u 104hp Intellijel case.
See how I go with a few performances over the summer with the Amalgamod.



My System goes up and down but with the last year that i have had have realised that I prefer smaller focused cases. Cut down a bit but still the dreaded OCD makes it hard to let go of unused modules. I have reached the point that I am pretty happy with the smaller cases I have.

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I can certainly see the merits of a small concentrated system. But its not where I am at the moment. My system is large. It seems to keep me forever interested and I always have something new to learn. If I even feel uninspired I just focus on one module, and then patch in the case that particular module is in. Sometimes that grows into a full system wide patch, other times it dwindles out. If I feel I have the need for something I usually have it somewhere, which is nice.
I guess the trick is not to be overwhelmed, and be patient. I have plenty of time to learn. And there is always something new you can learn about your gear.
I put my Elektron boxes to one side while concentrating on the modular for a while. But instead of giving into temptation to sell them, I have waited, and now that I have gone back to them, I am discovering new ways of working with them. In combination with the modular the sonic pallate is extraordinary.
Anyway, I guess what I am saying is, I am loving my big system. There is something blissful about drowning in eurorack sonic possibilities.

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I love having a large modular too. I like the flexibility it offers and the ability to patch up a number of voices at once.

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i love big modulars and i cannot lie



Yes, I’m looking forward to delving back into the Elektron boxes again. I use my OT occasionally still but haven’t touched the A4 for yonks (as good as it is)

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The flexabilty of the A4 is awesome. Almost to the point of being overwhelming. The more I use it, the more I utilise these functions. Very playable machine in its own right and sits nicely next to the Machinedrum, especially in a mix.



I decided before heading in that I was gonna do it as DIY as possible, as a limiter. I did buy a few modules second hand to jump start though.

I also found an old flightcase that a mate was chucking out that exactly fits 84hp 7u, with a beatstep and a volca in the lid, so now I have a physical limitation, too :grin:

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