Eurorack Front panels for DIY modules


Looking around at options for blank front panels suitable for DIY projects I’m finding many are from overseas and with extremely inflated prices (for what is really just a rectangular piece of metal).

Is there any interest from other DIYers for an order from a local fabrication company, if so what sizes. I primarily design for 6/10/20HP (see for dimensions).

I’m gauging interest at this point before requesting quotes from several companies.

Or alternatively, if you have sources already!



Hey I have a heap of 4,10 and 20 hp blanks that I am going to offload if anyone is interested, Just raw blank aluminium cut with mounting holes for rails

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Awesome, that was pretty much what I was going to get made. Numbers? price?



For 4HP, Bunnings stocks some nice 20mm by 2mm aluminium that’s a few bucks for 2m. Unfortunately nothing much wider than that without getting heaps thicker.


I’ve looked at what Bunnings have to offer, however, as most of my modules are self designed and made (often on prototype board) I usually need at least 10HP to fit everything in. Might come in handy for less involved or passive boards though.



Sorry for the Delay, I have not been on for a while, Will get back to you but how many would you be after?


Ideally as many as I can get (depending on price). I have a pretty much empty rack (~168HP) of space that I am building modules to fill. 4-5 10s and a couple of 20s would be a great help.



I’d be interested in a few, when you get around to it.


Do you still have some of these blank panels?