Evolving the sound


So I’ve been listening to a lot of caterina barbieri,Laurie Spiegel ,Suzanne ciani and when I hear there music it evolves over time and I’m wondering what there doing to achieve this. I know about sequential switches , er 101 for caterina just curious on how to go about it as I like something the evolves over time.currently I am only using the varigate 4+ to trigger notes, so I’m looking at expanding but not sure on how to go about it. Any ideas


Held a modular house party the other week and we all had an improv jam.
A friend bought his ER-101. What he was doing was writing a really long 64 step sequence, then only playing 32 steps at a time and changing the first step of the sequence in the boundaries of 64 steps. Which gave the illusion of the sequence constantly evolving.