Expanding Minibrute 2S


Recently got a Minibrute 2S & Rackbrute. Absolutely loving the Mini, my idea for expansion is something along the lines of the Erica Black System II. Most my music is dark ambient & minimal techno with a slight psy trance edge.

I do have a Moog Matriarch on the list as well for Xmas.

Anyway just wondering if people think this system is a good way to expand?


Will you use stackables as mults? You have attenuation, and an inverter on the 2S, plus the VCAs here, and a lot of the CVs have level control. If you’re mixing modulation sources, it may be nice to have an attenuator or attenuverter at hand, but there is space to add one if you find it needed.
Looks like it be sequenced through midi/2S, some sequenced modulation or clock modification could also be fun, but seems like a robust synth.

If you’re starting from scratch, don’t plan out a full system. You’ll get overwhelmed and disappointed. Just get a few of the key modules that complement the 2S, and then see what’s missing after that.

It also depends entirely on what else you’re using. If that’s everything, no other gear and no DAW, then I would probably think about a couple of drum voices at least, and maybe something to sequence them with (clock divider?).

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