Favourite ios synth/production apps?


i’ve always liked caustic. i own the model 15 app but found it too unwieldy for a smartphone, would be better on ipad.


I can’t speak much for phone apps but on my old iPad 2 I enjoyed playing with soft synths like Laplace, Lorentz, SoundPrism, Magellan, Ribbons; groove boxes like Figure & Chordion; sequencers like Fugue Machine. I also spent a bunch of time getting into the more powerful modular soft synths like Thor & Analog Kit. I could never really grasp the interface in Audulus.
I did try Caustic on my old Android phone but my phone was pretty slow and I preferred the larger screen of a tablet.
Since I’ve got into Eurorack modular I don’t really do much synth stuff on my iPad apart from recording with AudioShare using a Behringer UCA-202 USB interface.


I get a lot of use out of Beatmaker 3, using an Alesis io dock to have proper 1/4” ins and outs and 5 pin midi


moog model 15 no doubt


ruismaker noir (very close to DFAM)

model 15


ipolysix, ims20

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ruismaker noir is EXACTLY what i’ve been after for years. thanks so much. do you use it on mobile or ipad? if mobile, how do you find navigating it on a smaller scale? i’d be purchasing for phone

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yeah it’s awesome! almost stopping me from splashing out on the DFAM, still thinking about it. they are really similar.

i got it for ipad mini, i only have a small phone (SE) and it’s pretty hard to make fine adjustments. might be alright on bigger phones.