How do you add swing? Groove?


Looking to add swing to sequences, found this Ladik module but wonder anyone know any other ways to add swing? groove?

Anyone have any experience with the Ladik module?



I usually clock everything from innerclock sync-gen pro which lets you add shuffle amounts in the software although I rarely use that function.

In the case …Pam’s lets you add shuffle. There’s a 4ms module too which I don’t have.

The ladik module looks good, I have a ladik M-220 midi clock module which is rock solid. It takes midi clock from sync-gen or octatrack and distributes clock all around my modular. keen to try more of their stuff.

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eowave shuffle does it, as does Bastl’s little nerd

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I use a couple of methods.

Voltage controlled EGs with end of rise or or end of fall gate combined with a attenuated Clocked LFO on the CV input is a good way.

CV gate delay module like the totally under rated and now sadly discontinued SSF propagate is another way as the gate length and delay are CV addressable. I’m sure there are other gate delay modules out there which you could use.

Using an LFO with a pulse width is handy in this case to make custom swings dependant on clock length and pulse width.


great ideas! thanks


Propagate was awesome, had one for ages and replaced it with the Malekko Gate Delay which is great too. Still miss the Prop tho.

So Luke you program/sequence all the swing and shuffle yeah?

Im thinking of a lazy/easy one knob thing. Ideally like the ERM multiclock but in a module to handle cv ins.


Yeah i swing hats/hi freq percussion mostly. Certain types of music kind of rely on different types of swing so it’s invaluable for me with my genre based practice. Sometimes it’s an LFO for simple shuffle in say a jazzy walk than for 2 step style, then I’ll use a sequencer on an CV addressable EG or the propagate.

Clusters of claps or snares are really great when swung too so they don’t sound the same every time.

Sometimes the perception of swing can be made by just subtly CV addressing the attack of a percussive eg with a sequencer or an LFO etc.

If i’m programming the Eurorack with the Cirklon i never use the built in swing function as i can delay very note really easily so it’s more versatile to just delay the notes you want to


Need a masterclass from you!


Great idea, I agree!


Delay divisions can be a pretty nice way to add some more swing. Using DLD I like to lock one into a division of 3 and the other division of 5. Can sound really good, though it’s not real swing of course!


Moffenzeef MITO does swing. Can even be CV controlled.

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Mito looks great. Have you got one?


I do have a Mito @MPB

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Gate delay for me. Small units, infinitely customisable.

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Not so much swing but accents/dynamics definitely help with the groove. Your hats/snare through a vca opened and closed slightly with an lfo or through a filter with res tweaked every now and then brings the drum set to life and adds some ghost notes.

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Hey welcome to the forum! Yeah good points… need to do this more.

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When I’m not messing building my synth I’m a drummer and that’s right on. So much of the groove comes from the pulse of the hats, dynamics and accents both open and closed add a lot. My left hand is also often busy with ghost notes.

Find some videos of 70s funk drummers and listen to what they are up to.

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