Ideas for a small drum kit?

I currently have a BSP, a couple of voices worth of modular, and a Korg Sample, which I’m using for drums. The set-up is quite versatile, but I’m finding the programming of the korg a little annoying, and I feel like controlling it with the BSP is a bit wasteful, because none of the Sample controls can be modulated via MIDI (well, they can, but not nicely with the BSP. Bummer, because they’re awesome to knobtwiddle).

So, I’m thinking of trying to get a very small “drum kit” of eurorack modules - Something that will manage at minimum a kick, snare, and hat, ideally some expression options on each. Not fussed re: analogue, digital, or sample based - a mix might be good. Ideally under 20hp total.

Anyone got any good ideas for combos? Or modules that can do multiple of these? Bonus points for DIY modules :slight_smile:

SoundMachines SD1 looks like it could fill a lot of gaps… I’d be interested in any opinions on it, as well as ideas for what might work well with it.

Might not give you enough control, but I rock 2 x Erica Pico Drums. CV on the first sound, 2 concurrent samples in each module. You can load your own with a dongle too. Love em!

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Does look like a good option. Maybe I should grab one and have a play. How do you most often use the CV in?

Pretty much when i want either weird LFO’d hats or Electro-style 808 tuned boom kicks

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I’ve always liked the look of this.

But a plaits with careful sequencing is great as an all in one.

That think does look interesting, but maybe a bit big for a single voice for me…

Any example of how to use the plaits like that?

I use a z8000 matrix sequencer to swap through the synthesis modes and it has its own internal lpg and vca so I just feed it triggers, bonus points for using a sequential switch to spice up your patterns ( I use a doepfer A 151)

I’m also a big fan of the Neuron, but recently discovered the prOk drums:
They have two modulation inputs which morph between 4 ‘presets’, (which in turn can be ‘built’ and updated using the software) giving quite a wide range of expressiveness… and small HP too. And each unit has several sets of presets.

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Seems like a cool idea, though I can’t figure out why there are 4 versions - are they basically just different face-plates for different default presets? It looks like you’ll be able to turn any one of them into any other one of them once the software is out…

Yeah as far as I can tell you will be able to make any one into any other via the S/W. The only difference is the faceplate, and the pre-programming of the ‘Teensy’ board.
The main reason I bought several of them was for polyphony…

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I’ve been thinking about picking up a couple of drum modules as well. The Prok drums look good.

I can thoroughly recommend the Befaco Kickall. What a beast. My only complaint is that there isn’t CV control over bend time/amount. With a VCA’d noise source in the tune FM, and some clever CV patching on those, it would be very easy to make a full kit out of that single module - it’s pretty easy to make some nice snare and hat tones.

I got a pico drums - pretty nice. The CV control on pitch works pretty well for hats. It’d be nice to have a simpler way to change the the samples.

I have a plaits (antumbra knit smd-presoldered) kit ready to build, so I guess I will try that out as a drum source a bit too.

Erica Sample drum seems like it would be a lot of fun, too.

I plan to build a FSS Portland. Could do with a few more demo’s but for the money and HP it looks and sounds pretty good.

I dunno if I’d call that small :smile: Are you gonna rack mount it, or stand-alone? It’s what, 45HP? and 4-6 voices?

I currently have a functional complete drum kit using just a Kickall, and a Pico drums. 3 voices, two of them modulatable, 11HP.

But yeah, if I had more space, that looks like a super interesting piece of gear, and probably well worth the time and money investment

with some modulation, the hats and snares sound really good

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The attractive thing to me about Portland is it’s generated voices, not samples. So I’m more likely to get weird percussive sounds out of it with less processing than you would need to munge a sampled voice. 45hp isn’t too bad for what you get. I have a Null-A2 (42hp) and a PerformerSEQ to drive it all with a 7U case build in progress. Plenty room.

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