Jomox modbas 09 vs Erica Bass Drum


Now that the Erica BD has been out for a bit wondering if anyone has experience with both and your opinion.

Also if you’ve had experience with Electron Rytm and how the two above modules compare to the kicks in the Rytm.


Kicks on the Rytm are pretty deep and phat. Would be hard to beat. Interested to hear if they are.


check out this video @ 8:08 (coincidence? conspiracy?)


Rytm BD is pretty flexible, what with all the modulation and fx etc built in, so it’s a bit of a different beast.

Erica BD I think is an 808 clone “inspired” circuit, with some extra modulation capability etc, sounds great, but doesn’t even compare to the Jomox in terms of flexibility.

Jomox is absolutely absurd, and can do any xox BD sound you want plus 1000 times more. It’s by far the best drum I’ve played with. Add to that it can take trigs from drum pads and has full midi capabilities built in as well.