June 1, 5:30 pm 107 Projects - Meet with Constantin Constantin Papageorgiadis (Portabellabz/Belgium)

Constantin Papageorgiadis is a Belgian tech specialized in EMS instruments, he serviced about 60 Synthis A, AKS and VCS3, adding on most many modifications that expand their possibilities, in a 100% reversible way, preserving the instrument’s original condition and aspect. He also repaired the IPEM’s Synthi 100 in Ghent and various other EMS equipment. He released a solo LP and a CD in duo with Yoshio Machida, using the Ghent Synthi 100. He regularly gives concerts with his favorite suitcase in Europe, solo or with other musicians, from experimental to psychedelic and stoner rock.
His other big interest in synths is the Buchla 208/Music Easel, he offers DIY PCBs to build a 208 clone or his expander cards such as the 208 ToolBox and VCS3 Card, and builds these on order.

For this event, he’ll give a small talk about his work, supported by several instruments, improvise a piece on a modified Synthi AKS and reply your questions.




Sounds like it’d be interesting. Is this in Sydney?

Sorry, I really need to enable the email notifications! Was Sydney, yes. We made some footage, will be shared soon.

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