Let's talk Prok drums!

So as I was recently considering a question while the MW forum was down, I thought perhaps some of the folks here might want to comment.

I have little prior experience with drum machines (apart from doing the snare mod on a Volca Beats). I really liked the customisable concept of the Prok drums modules, and I have done DIY builds of the Bass and Snare drum kits so far, and have a HiHat kit on the way. I’m driving these things with a Shakmat Knight’s Gallop trigger generator and Mutable Branches, still learning how to use Disting as a clock divider.

Does anyone know if there is a forum for the Prok / Thonk / Music Thing Modular kits and/or a repository for custom Prok drums patches? (i.e. something like the Patchstorage site?)

I’ve just started experimenting with the Prok Drums Editor beta, I’m looking to create a bank of Snare drum presets with a little less of the “classic drum machine” vibe, i.e. more “snap” and less “tish”… So far I’ve come up with a few “physical drumkit” inspired presets but there sure are a lot of parameters to learn & tweak! I’m really stating to love the morphing aspect, so much potential!

FYI, since I remain unimpressed by the whole 808/909 aesthetic, this is the realm of sounds I’d be looking for in a “Snare Drum” patch: (youtube)

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Just watched the DivKid video on these.

Holy shit, these are the drum modules I’ve been waiting for! Ever changing and ever evolving. I am not at all competent at building modules but I’m super keen on getting a set. Maybe in a 4ms pod to keep my main rack free for other duties.

Are any Aussie stores planning to stock these?

All three versions are the same hardware, right? Is there a difference in the firmware, or are they all using the same model, but with different presets? Would be really interesting to be able to morph between completely different drum types.

I’m interested in getting one, but I’m not sure which would be the most useful…

All (4) have the same hardware apart from a different pre-loaded teensy board as I understand it. The bass drum, snare, clap and hi-hat seem to work with quite a different flow chart of how parameters affect the synthesis and I’m not sure if it’s possible to download or “swap” firmware between the types at this point. I immediately liked the range of sounds from the BD, I had to do some tweaking to get the snare to sound like I wanted with the customiser software but it was doable, plus the morphing capability cannot be understated. I liked the first “preset pack” of new patch banks but the second was further away from the sounds I wanted. That’s a good thing though as it highlights the range of sounds they are capable of.