Let's talk Prok drums!


So as I was recently considering a question while the MW forum was down, I thought perhaps some of the folks here might want to comment.

I have little prior experience with drum machines (apart from doing the snare mod on a Volca Beats). I really liked the customisable concept of the Prok drums modules, and I have done DIY builds of the Bass and Snare drum kits so far, and have a HiHat kit on the way. I’m driving these things with a Shakmat Knight’s Gallop trigger generator and Mutable Branches, still learning how to use Disting as a clock divider.

Does anyone know if there is a forum for the Prok / Thonk / Music Thing Modular kits and/or a repository for custom Prok drums patches? (i.e. something like the Patchstorage site?)

I’ve just started experimenting with the Prok Drums Editor beta, I’m looking to create a bank of Snare drum presets with a little less of the “classic drum machine” vibe, i.e. more “snap” and less “tish”… So far I’ve come up with a few “physical drumkit” inspired presets but there sure are a lot of parameters to learn & tweak! I’m really stating to love the morphing aspect, so much potential!

FYI, since I remain unimpressed by the whole 808/909 aesthetic, this is the realm of sounds I’d be looking for in a “Snare Drum” patch: (youtube)

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Just watched the DivKid video on these.

Holy shit, these are the drum modules I’ve been waiting for! Ever changing and ever evolving. I am not at all competent at building modules but I’m super keen on getting a set. Maybe in a 4ms pod to keep my main rack free for other duties.


Are any Aussie stores planning to stock these?