Melbourne Synth DIY group survey


Howdy Wigglettos, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times I’d like to put together a DIY build group in Melbourne, as the scene here is pretty big to not have one. I’d like to do it in association with MESS, and to help build a case for it I’ve put together a brief survey to help get some data to tailor the group to people’s needs, as well as to provide data to back up my proposal.

If you’re in Melbourne or Victoria and have an interest in this getting off the ground then I’d love it if you’d take the time to fill out the following survey:

It’s not too long and is mostly multiple choice, surveymonkey suggests it should take you three minutes to complete. I’ll be posting it on a few relevant group’s pages but if there’s anyone you think might be keen who might not see it here then please do pass the link on.

Thanks for your time and hope to build some cool stuff with you soon! Also if you have any comments about the survey or anything you think I might have missed please add it below.