MN QPAS or SSF Stereo Dipole?


Anyone interested in one of these new stereo filters?
Both quad filters - both do similar things.

QPAS has better demos out but the SSF on Instagram looks and sounds good too.
On my basic understanding of them I think Im leaning QPAS.


Hard to tell as the demo’s of the SSF have not been very musical, or informative.
I really want to hear what the filter sounds, and what the audio chain is within the filter.
The demo of the Make Noise was quite thorough. Sounds good and looks versatile.


The SSF feature set seems better on paper to me but I would like to hear it in person. QPAS is typically MN in it’s wonky signature sound, something that i don’t really see SSF doing. It’s hard to know but i think the one that suites you style is the right one for you.

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Yeah Im holding off for more demos too… always like both companies modules.

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This SSF demo is really good.

Seems like a bigger range of sounds compared to Qpas.
But Qpas has a roughness I like.
Atm leaning SSF.

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This SSF demo from Perfect Circuit is great too.

The res, the lows… all round fidelity seem really great.


45min worth thnx DivKid -

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This guy has them both - head to head