Modular Ambient


Just a few ambient modular tracks of mine here for youse all


Really nice tracks @ray_diode.


Hey, thanks heaps! Appreciate it.


Love track 1 - what did you have going on?


Thanks very much! It’s a heavily processed sample from the Grandpa going through an intelligent waveshaper, DLD, filter 8 with the SSR
random sending CV everywhere. Recorded twice in mono and then bounced out through tools as a stereo track.


Sounds really saturated and organic really like that.


How’s the DLD? I always look at it and I get gas-ey


i really enjoy it, uis very clean sounding but the CV is great. I haven’t really scratched the surface with the loop movement etc. The Tapographic Delay looks ace too!


It is incredible, from a modular perspective, and really shines when used well in that context. Not ideal if you want character from your delay but versatile enough to build a mad delay-based effect with all the routings and controls.


random CV in the feedback is the shizz!


Doesn’t help my gas :sunny:


@ray_diode great sounds! copped :slight_smile:


Not entirely ambient, but… down-tempo fuzzy electronica.


Really nice. Looking forward to digging into this when I have some time later.


Yes those tracks are great