More accurate modulations

I am having some issues getting my modulations to sound right… e.g. say I want to basically sweep a knob between 10 and 2 o’clock every 4 clock pulses… how do i actually do this? i have tried various modulation sources and attenuators/offsets but cant seem to make the thing do what i want it to

Just off the top of my head… If I was to try your particular example. Assuming you mean… ramping up from 10 O’clock to 2 O’clock and then jumping back to ten to start again every four clock pulses?

I would set the knob at 2 O’clock and trigger an envelope every four pulses, get the decay just right, and invert the envelope signal to get the ramp up effect and attenuate it to suit. Intellijel dual adsr is handy for that because it has an inverted output and a CVable level control. I have a 4ms SISM and Mutable blinds which I’ve found are both great for more surgical offsets. I’m sure there are far more experienced wigglers than me who can improve on that suggestion.

I was trying to use a LFO, to sweep back and forth… no reason it couldnt jump back to 10 o clock though, so I can try using an envelope. I am not sure how inverting the envelope makes it ramp up though, doesnt that make it ramp down?

I was thinking of inverting in this case as just making it apply negative values instead of positive values, not reversing the envelope direction. If you want to sweep back and forth that’s less complicated, I would have thought a clockable lfo thru an attenuator would do the trick with the knob set at 12 O’clock. Batumi for instance has a sync input so you can get the timing how you like. I love these little puzzles, it’s one of the things that makes modular so addictive for me.

if you want a knob to sweep relatively accurately between two values with a sin LFO you should set the value in the middle and use an attenuator between the LFO and modulation destination. LFO’s being bipolar will be at the middle value when they cross zero and the attenuator will let you dial in the amount (AKA the extreme values of the sweep).

Ok thanks both for the tips! Will try that in my next patch. Is there any modules that are designed to make modulation more easy and accurate? I am picturing like an Etch a Sketch with time on the X axis and voltage on the Y axis so you can just draw in values for different points in time? Or is that more something that exists in the DAW world

You can’t draw as such, but Zadar by Xaoc has a shed load of editable envelopes, omnimod lets you draw envelopes but is hard to find and wacky

It almost sounds like you want an Intellijel Planar 2


This a lot like a DDS function generator I am working on, I already have a desktop application that let you draw a waveform before sending it (via Wifi) to the function generator. The project could be adapted to function as an envelope generator .

that’s sounds like all kinds of rad

Offset and attenuation! Something like an ALM O/A/x2 will let you dial in a precise modulation.

will have to research those over the weekend… i currently have an erica black modulator & wogglebug, and the pico scale and attenuator. and the black CV controller. just cant seem to make the thing do the thing i want it to, lol

If you want it done in one module I highly recommend the ADDAC 506. Very powerful four channel modulation source with trigger sources at each end of the envelope, and two additional channels of compiled modulation. Trigger and looping modes.

That think is an absolute beast of an expression source. Kinda exxy though.

Well I sort of figured it out in an unexpected way… pulled the wogglebug and modulator out of my system and just happened to put in a tonestar which only has square and triangle LFO available. Turns out, the triangle wave was what I actually was looking for! The reason it sounded ‘off’ was mainly due to the shape of the sine wave, which spends more time at the peaks so to speak. The stuff in the middle is the good stuff! So triangle LFO all the way! woohoo!

Thanks for all the suggestion too though, I am going to try out some of those to create slightly more complex stuff than an attenuated triangle wave :sweat_smile: