Mouse replacement - kensington slimblade or wacom tablet?


as above!

my apple trackpad just isn’t doing it for me anymore, and after digging through threads for alternatives, i’ve narrowed it down to either the kensington slimblade trackball, or a wacom tablet (not sure of model yet).

it seems that both will make life easier for my wrist, but otherwise appear to have unique advantages:

slimblade - macro buttons for workflow, minimal wrist movement, cursor movement via inertia, looks solid, reasonably priced, and i suspect it would be a fairly quick adjustment.

wacom - the main advantage here would be that i’m big into hand lettering, and more time using a pen = more pen skillz, as well as the obvious benefits using photoshop and illustrator. huge plus. however i suspect the learning curve would be steeper, as would nailing down my preferred settings, hand position, tablet angle etc.

i’m aware there’s no right answer here, but if you had to choose between these, what does your gut say? and if the tablet, could you recommend a model?

i use ableton for all DAW duties btw, if that factors in.