New Granular Synthesis Module

Stay tuned to the Tin Shed and this forum. There is a new Aussie maker about to “Hello World” and their first module looks to be a corker.

More info and pics and stuff coming soon…real soon…like probably over the weekend soon.



Awesome Chris. Looking forward to reviving my GAS lol

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Interrrrresting. Look forward to the info.

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@TinShedChris: Any updates? Did this happen? Granular rocks!

Thanks Dan!

Nice looking screen. It was hard to get a sense of the module’s capabilities from the two demo videos linked on the site.

Have you had hands on time with the module?

Yes, I have. What would you like to know?

Nothing in particular. I’m just curious about the module. How does it compare to Clouds or Morphagene?

I’m sorry I haven’t owned either of those, so I couldn’t say, but I really dig the Load Runner. You have CV control over the sample selection, density (up to 15 grains, I think) start position and range, pitch, etc. It has variable envelopes and a recording function, so it’s quite versatile. I tend to use it to make seguescapes for blending tracks together live. Some nice cavernous reverb makes it sound even better!