New WIP dnb tune

anyone up for a listen?


cool! i have to assume this was not made on a modular synth?

also this tune is mental! sounds like Allied or Corrupt Souls!

ahh there’s one blip that i sampled from a plaits but you’re right most of it was made with a virus ti and some other gear. cheers about the nominal tune!

yeah right i would have assumed software due to how polished it sounds… you must know your way around the old hardware to produce such high quality stuff…

thanks, yeah, getting there

Niiice. Very clean.

eh im sad you took that tune off soundcloud

hey nicrep, which tune? the original one i posted or “nominal”?

I can’t remember which tune I originally posted now :confused:

was going to show someone that nominal tune but couldnt find it? :thinking:

Sorry about the delay but in case you were still keen here’s a link to that tune “Nominal” that I re-uploaded. I had deleted it because I often run out of minutes on soundcloud so I usually rotate out old tunes for new ones. Anyways here ya go nicrep:

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Up for download/purchase anywhere?

Thanks :slight_smile: !!!

naught101 - nah unfortunately it’s not
nicrep - no worries!