One manufacturer game


supreme doge has gifted you with a 9U case full of euro, but all the modules are by only one manufacturer - eg all doepfer, all cwejman

which company do you choose and why?

don’t think practical eg what would fit my current setup or what’s the best resale value, trust your GAS!

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I’d probably go Intellijel… or Verbos. You?

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its gotta be random*source for me, i need all da serge

but then given thats what i’m trying to build anyway a less practical more lustful answer would be a tie between verbos, NLC, mungo or befaco

EDIT: wait i forgot harvestman

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I’ve got to really check out more Serge modules


Make Noise all the way. Their modules just have an awesome aesthetic that I really dig and they’ve got such depth in their range.


Malekko. Voltage blocks, Richter Oscillators, Borg filters.


Mannequins, Makenoise, Mutable.

But I don’t have to sneak a few others in like orthogonal and an o&c.


nonlinearcircuits :grin:


blue lantern


I only have one Malekko module but I concur.

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I’ll be the one to say it… Doepfer!!

I’ve tried so much modular but now I’ve reached a point where I just want modules that are uncomplicated & have a singular function.

The only other brand that could seduce me would be Erica but I’ve been down that route twice and nevertheless found happiness…


Whatcha got mike?


Varigate 8+.

Fantastic sequencer that fits my mindset perfectly. I completely flipped when I realised you can randomize delay and repeat probabilities per step. I’m very keen to add a Voltage Blocks.

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I’m playing with a friends voltage block atm. Steep learning curve, but definately great potential


My system is mostly a mix of monome/Mannequins and Make Noise (which works really well together), though if I lost it in a fire I think I’d be interested in a full NLC system, maybe with some digital effects added for flavour, and probably monome for main sequencing.

Probably couldn’t ever do a “pure” system!


Noise Engineering for me!.., controls are so accessible and hands on, sounds so diverse, utilities as absolutely boss!.. Super playable modules… And also love the aesthetic. :+1:

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Koma :hearts:

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Mutable, so much in each module, very playable


Curious to know what folks think about a full QuBit system based around the Chord & their other modules?

Thinking it’d be nice to just set up some ambient sound… although maybe I could just get like the DSI Rev 2 to do something similar and more…


I’m thinking I’d go Noise Engineering or Erica Synths