Oscillator Recommendations


Hey folks.

I’m really struggling on deciding what oscillator to get next. The oscillators I’ve got at the moment are quite “vanilla” so was looking for something a little more interesting. I make music on my system, as in regular tracks so I’d like it to sound nice. Was thinking about a wave table oscillator as they seem pretty nuts but concerned they might be too out there. Maybe the make noise complex oscillator???

Anyway, what are your favourite oscillators. Give me some names and I’ll go look them up. I’m quite overwhelmed at all the choice.

Many thanks


What do you have at the moment?


A Wiard Oscillator and a Neutron, I’ve also got a Morphine Duel LFO (E355) that’s kinda fun. I’ve been concentrating on sample manipulation and gate patterns. I’ve finally got where I wanted to be with that so can focus on the other stuff now.


What about Mutable Instruments’ Plaits? I haven’t used one but I’m interested (partly because I’m in need of a sound source for a Mutable Instruments Rings).


I’ve got a Plaits and I really like it. There’s a lot to work with in each sound model.
You can always try it out in VCV Rack for free.


Plaits is pretty awesome, a lot of scope. The percussive side of it is more interesting to my ears, but that’s just my humble opinion! Also check out Piston Honda by Harvestman, I got one recently and it seriously insane!

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I’m not a fan of mutable instruments sound sources. Piston Honda looks amazing though.


Cwejman are the best VCOs in Eurorack if you’re looking for common waveforms, sine, saw, pulse etc. but Cwejman is unobtanium so possibly off the menu.
TipTop Audio’s Z3000 is a very good VCO for similar standard waveforms. it has a bottom end almost as good a cwejman.
Piston Honda & morphing terrarium is great for wavetables…
I enjoyed the Mutable Instruments Braids…


Waldorf NW1 wavetable OSC


If you want something different I would say the Make Noise Telharmonic. Love mine.


the Make Noise DPO is also very good for exploring more intricate and unconventional sounds with FM + Wave shaping… it has enough modulation options to keep things interesting and as such you might get more use out of it.


One of my faves is Loquelic Iteritas. Shapeshifter is also super deep and flexible.