Overdrive / distortion modules


I’m looking for a nice gentle distortion module. Has anyone got any suggestions?

I have options to use fx pedals or sherman filterbank etc. but a module would be handy. I’m looking at the Vermona VCdrive at this point, Has anyone tried it? I’d love to hear any alternative recommendations. I’m not after anything that quickly turns into abrasive noise.


I like the Roland Torcido for distortion. It does subtle really well. Might be hard to find one though.


I have the WMD TRSMSTR. But I don’t use it terribly much for distortion. I use it subtly for slight amplification and filtering with wah FX. But I originally bought it to try out some distorted FX. it does a great job of it supposedly. I have just not got round to experimenting with it yet.


RYO optodist is nice, as well as the Eowave germanium VCA.
I believe the Positronic Transient Gate warms up signals too.


Thanks chaps! I knew about optodist but hadn’t considered the others. Need to do some more youtubing.

TRSHMSTR wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but it’s got me casually checking prices at the usual outlets.


Patchcable has them on special.


Haha … just on there now actually


Thanks MrRachele, I grabbed one, It’s been a costly couple of weeks!


Always is when the sales are on. I usually get sucked into Black Friday and end up broke this time of year.


The Verbos ATC has sweet distortion - doesn’t go crazy distortion but really nice warm distortion… fuzz factory I like for wild sounds


Yeah the ATC is a great module, haven’t really found anything quite like that one


I have a Malgorithm mk 2 - digital sizzle and stereo which adds a lot imo. Not the first I reach for these days.
Mutant bassdrum - battery acid distortion. good to overdrive a bassline through it;s ext in.
Now days I use the Analog heat. Multitude of options and saveable presets. Thickens up and saturates v nicely!
Oh, and the WMD Aperature overdrives with great feedback options