Panning mixer?

I would really like something like this, with CV on the pan control for each channel

Anyone know if anything like this exists? 6 channels would be nice - this is 7 channels, 8HP, based on 2hp jack/pot spacing, it seems about as dense as possible, but probably slightly overkill. I’m assuming that stuff is gonna be VCA’d before it comes in, but I guess another column of VCA CV would also be cool.

I’m aware of the Cwejman mx-4s, but I would love something with more channels, much smaller than 20HP, DIYable, and less than $1.9k o_O

Is there anything like this out there? Or would anyone be interested in designing something like this? I’d be happy to chuck in some $$ to fund development time if I got a couple of PCB sets out of it.

Something like this design?

Looking at 6 op-amps + a dual trans-conductance op per channel just for the pan. 6 channels in 8HP is going to be tight! Then add the op-amps for volume and mixer.

Yes, just 4-6 of them in one :slight_smile:

I mean, TBH, I’m probably only going to want CV panning on a couple of channels, but I want a stereo output mixer anyway, and it just seems like a good combo.

I don’t have any experience with circuit/PCB design, which is why I asked about design interest. Obviously it would be entirely dependent on interest from others, so I’d be really interested in thoughts on how well something like this would work in different workflows.

The mixer part is pretty straight forward, I went a little nuts and bought enough pots to build a 15 channel mixer, to replace the 2 channel I made in an hour to test my first two VCOs. This could be greatly simplified, remove the headphone mixer and just use the line out and you only need a single TL7804.

I have all the parts I need in stock… no, need to finish the ASDR and improved midi interface!

Do you build up ideas on perfboard or breadboard?

Do you build up ideas on perfboard or breadboard?

I have managed to build an ADSR on a breadboard that works/ed. But I built an APC on pad-per-hole, and it kind of scarred me… it too way too long to debug. Eventually turned out that I’d left off a jumper cable. That little stuff is a real joy kill for me. I recently put together a Befaco Kickall and basically gave up modular for 2-3 months because it didn’t work at all. An electrical engineer friend eventually (on wednesday) helped me work out that I’d managed to put 2 of the 16 pin chips in the wrong sockets, and the other one in backwards… (now it works and I’m back in the game :smile:).
I have managed to put a few other Befaco kits together successfully, but you get an idea of my competence.

So yeah, basically I don’t have the capacity to design a perf board layout well. I would probably give it a go if I knew that I could get someone to look over it and sanity check it, but my skills are very limited and it would take me a lot of time that I don’t have to produce a mediocre result on my own.

haha, yep still put the wrong part in on occasion. I know what it’s like early on when I really didn’t know what half the components where there for, and when something doesn’t work it’s very frustrating.

I find its easier to work in blocks, get each block working as expected before putting them together, works the same with laying out a board.

Yep, I totally get that. I just don’t have time. I really wanted to focus on DIY when I started out, and I started slowly, with no expectations, and that was cool, I learned a lot, and made some fun stuff that is still useful.
Now I have a job that I love and that takes up lots of my time, and I make no music. I’m kind of at my limit with learning electronics, for now, and I just want to make music. What spare energy I have for making tools for making music is now going in to making a decent sampler plugin for linux (cross-platform), because it’s the biggest hole in my FOSS-only ITB workflow… Once that’s done… I will make some music :rofl:

Also, I have a DIY 7U 84HP case (that might expand to 10U, if I can fit a 3U row in the case lid, which I think I can). It’s a very intentional limitation, I don’t want to fill my bedroom with modular. Hence the focus on low HP.

This might be of help. Its a roundup of all stereo mixers in eurorack:

This looks like it might be what you’re after:

can switch each channel’s CV from controlling level or pan

Ok, yeah. Damn. That is a really well thought out module. Optional CV for amp or pan is a great idea. 8 channels and attenuverters on the CV inputs, headphone out, and really well laid out, and pretty cheap, too. Slightly bigger than ideal for me, but I reckon I’ll probably end up getting one anyway. Thanks for the pointers, Luke!

That’s great! I love the channel density column.

Yeah they make really well thought out modules that fit niches IMHO. I have some of their TriTone EQ modules

Yeah its a good list. The density column - but also the shipping column - check out the Cwejman MX-4S entry… LOL

I guess Cwejman is kind of the Apple of modular…

A table like that for dedicated drum voices would be really cool. It’d be interesting to compare all the ways to get, say, a 4-voice drum kit up and rolling. I guess that’s a lot more complex than mixers though.