Postal Woes

I recently purchased a 104hp skiff that’s gone missing in the post. Unfortunately it was sent untracked. It’s been a couple of weeks, but I’m still hopeful it will show up.

Anyone have any postal stories to share - horror stories or otherwise?

Last year I had two exactly the same brand-new Plugiator synthesizer (there were only three plugins in the factory setup, and the other plugins needed to be purchased separately). Someone bought one of them on eBay. When he received the goods, he told me that the machine was broken and made a video to show me.
I asked him to send the machine back and I sent him another one.
When I received the so-called broken machine, I found it working perfectly, and a few days later he wrote: “it’s a pity not include all the plugins” in my review.
An ignorant and dishonest man

Bummer. I thought pretty much every parcel has a tracking number now?

Besides a box that looked like it was sat on which resulted in a module stuffing up quite consistently, I have been very lucky. Especially considering the large number of purchases that I have made from overseas.
Happy ending to my story though. Tin Shed and Befaco are two awesome companies that sorted me out with a replacement for only a few bucks.

Yeah that was my thinking too. It could be a case of the sender didn’t take note of the tracking number when the label was printed. :man_shrugging:t2:

Although tracked or not, it shouldn’t take 2 weeks+ for a parcel to arrive via domestic shipping.

The tracking is just printed on the receipt usually but totally. Best of luck!

I have had stuff take unusually long to arrive for no specific reason. Like an express post cd that took 3 weeks?!?