Recommendations for intermediate DIY builds?


Anyone have and good recommendations for useful intermediate DIY builds?

So far I’ve done some basic stuff, including an APC from scratch following the synthrotek schematic, an op-amp based ADSR that’s currently on a bread board but works (I’m kind of dreading moving it in to pad per hole though), and a Braids from a BOM, which I haven’t programmed yet.

I guess I also want to DIY some buffered mults and maybe a slew limiter. I know I should finish what I’ve started before getting too deep with anyone else, but I’m gonna ask anyway: Anyone have any recommendations for useful, relatively simple modules (say, stuff based mostly on op-amps and other basic chips) that are fun to build?


This is the ADSR I’m building:

If anyone knows of a good pad-per-hole, or PCB design for this or something similar, that would be lovely :joy:


Looks interesting, an adsr was next on my build list after I finish my Midi to CV module. I have a bunch of designs to send off to JLC PCB I’ll keep that design in mind (I make my layouts available via easy-eda) the midi to CV is relatively moderate.


Cool, keep me in the loop. Happy to buy a few PCBs, especially if you can get them done for cheaper 'cause of it.


JLC minimum is 10 so I usually have a few spare!


Righto, I’d definitely be up for 3-5. Do you already have a layout in mind?