Reverb - need a new lush verb


I’ve got an Erbe Verb but that’s it for modular verb so I usually use Eventide reverbs after… looking for something new tho. Anyone use FabFilter ProR or something else that sounds luuuuuuush?


Haven’t got those, but I do have a Z-DSP v.1. Reverbs are delightful.


Just got the Empress and I’m digging it


Try Valhalla, it’s very nice.


Struggling to find one in Euro, finally managed to get a Verbtronic the other week though. Seems like a tamed Erbeverb to me, quite nice.


How about Zynaptic Adaptiverb - reflectionless AI reverb goes into iiiinnnnnfffiiiinnnnniiiiiiittttyyyyy


Verbtronic? Tell me more… haven’t heard of it.


I do like stuff, is it heavy on cpu?


You using the Valhalla card?


Looks like a great pedal… how’s beer settings?


You using Valhalla vintage? Shimmer?


Knob.Farm Ferry + OTO Machines BAM here, luuuuuuush as fuck, and also use Erbe Verb and the built in verb in Elements :sunglasses:


For the brief time I had it the Erica synths Blackhole DSP 2 thingy had some tasty reverbs. Not sure but I reckon the dual fx they’ve done fit the “techno system” series could be nice in 10hp.


Are you looking for a euro module? Your existing Erbe-Verb is what I’d recommend there, but for outboard, look at a Source Audio Ventris.


It’s by Pittsburgh Modular but discontinued now, it’s got a nice sound to it and two distinct flavours to choose from.


Would love a Big Sky in Euro format…


Also going to try diy a plate verb and a room/staircase verb setup.


It’s been done before. Only once, to my knowledge:


Fab pro R is really nice, very controllable and precise. It has the same visual/eq layout as Fabfilter pro q.

Another few really nice vst verbs

Slate Verbsuite
Melda Convulution (free)
Oliverb (free)


Valhalla Room. But they all seem to be nice in what they do.
I also have a ZDSP with Valhalla card :slight_smile: