Reverb - need a new lush verb


I saw a youtube video the other day with a guy making a plate verb with an Ikea stand


Yeah that’s what I want to try out.


How’s the zdsp w Valhalla?? Is it something you cv or more of a static effect?


i have been using the springray and a selection of tanks for in system verb or eventide plugin in DAW.


How’s springray going for you?
I’ve been thinking of selling the ekdahl moisturiser for Springray w 3 tanks.


its Good if you get the right tank. I have 5 i think but even when EQ’ed it sounds very dark on 2 of them.


there are 3 main parameters per effect you can fiddle with - usually delay amount/filter amount/chorus etc. you can also affect feedback other stuff etc.
i only recently got one so I’m not totally tricked out on it, but from what I’ve used it’s pretty beautiful.
from memory you can use the new cards with the OG Z-DSP


Yeah I think the delays on zdsp sound cool… just not sure about the cv on Valhalla… how that sounds or if the options are useful? Like how does it sound compared to say Erbez Verbez?


very digital, not nearly as much CV control.
very pro sound if that makes sense imho


If you’re looking for a plugin then just get all the Valhalla DSP stuff, they’re really fantastic and stupidly cheap.


Dunno yet mate. I’ll give it a run this weekend


This looks interesting:


I love my Verbtronic, very metallic sounding (To my ears). It goes from rather subtle to very unnatural almost alien soundscapes, the feedback gets rather gritty so it suits me to a tea!!!