SH-2 ish euro VCO?


Kind of miss the sound of the sine wave of this old beast, any euro oscs sound similar? I have an Erica VCO which is pretty beastly but no sine wave sadly!


I’m not too familiar with the SH2, but my old Analogue Systems RS95 had a great sine out. Plus the other waveforms are thick and ‘vintagey’ sounding.


I am not expert on the SH2 but the Fonitronic VCOs have nice sine waves and the Make Noise STO is good too.


It’s a very smooth OSC. I have the SH2. It’s two oscillators, detuned but isn’t oscillator one only capable of a sine wave? Anyway, the module that comes to mind would be the Dr. Octature filter in VCO mode.


D’oh. Of course you can push the vca slider down/off for Osc 2


its been along time since i had it, i just remember it has the most awesome sounding sine wave for sub bass!