Show us your DIY builds


OK Folks let’s see what you’re all building.


I haven’t had much time over the last few years to do any DIY but here’s a couple of modules I built when I had the time.

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10 Step sequenecer and MS20 VCF

First two PCB panels i’ve done, liking how they came out :slight_smile:

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They look great. There’s something to be said for basic no frills sequencers.

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Love the simplicity of these.

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Latest DIY Endeavour.


We don’t know what they do, but red means fast.


New Build, fun Module


After a bit of a break, while focusing on other endeavors, I am back on the DIY train. Currently working through my backlog, I’ve finished these two and a FC Continuum phaser (not pictured).

On the bench at the moment is a Thomas Henry SMT SN Voice but it looks like I’ll be parking it while I sort out some BOM errors :confused:

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RLD GOLT! Sequencer.


And another complete! (Well, apart from the knobs)

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Perfboard prototype of a MIDI to CV module.


  • 12bit DACs with 0-8.192V range
  • 2x Octave/V and gate outputs assignable to any midi channel.
  • 2x 0-4.096V outputs assignable to any MIDI control (eg volume, mod wheel)
  • all necessary MIDI input and power protection
  • 128x96 OLED display (to aid configuration/show status)

To come (via the firmware):

  • Pitch bend and configuration (currently disabled as my keyboards pitch been wheel is acting up and needs to be fixed)
  • Program change to allow multiple configurations to be stored/loaded.
  • Fully configuration interface
  • automated tuning in software (the large octave range will help here)


Some mock-ups while i wait for parts

MS507 Dual Digital Envelope + Dual VCA (CEM3360)
MS237 Dual MS20 Filter HP/BP/LP with lots of CV control (Both cutoffs, individual cutoffs and a ‘spacing’ CV offset between Filter A & B)


Testing out my from scratch drone synth


Anyone know where to get those faders alone? I wanna make a baby8/16 sequencer from scratch with them…

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I got them here:

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Erica Synths Delay


Turing Machine for a mate

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Damn, that filter looks amazing. Are you gonna be selling it soon? and if so, in what form? Some form of kit would be :ok_hand:

Also, your 1010 sequencer looks great. I’ve been thinking of trying to make a 16-step version of something like that based on the baby8/10. I don’t know if I’d need the individual outs, but do you think it would be possible to fit 4 rows of pots and 4 rows of jacks in that space? That would be kind of cool - 4x4 of knobs, 4x4 bank of jacks, with the clock/CV/reset on the side.

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