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hi guys!

Bert here from Percussa, thanks for letting me join your forum here, glad to get off facebook for a bit :slight_smile:

I’m the guy who designed the Percussa SSP eurorack module and who is working on the mSSP at the moment.



Live stereo input granular demo on the percussa mssp kickstarter prototype. The patch in the mSSP consists of a granular module, 2 LFOs for start and pan modulation, an SVF before the granular input, and a delay and reverb module after the granular. The granular has a built in recorder with overdubbing and dry/wet controls. All granular parameters can be modulated using internal or external signals and it’s possible to run multiple granulars in parallel, sending their stereo outputs to the 4 outputs of the mSSP. The mSSP will come with a PC/Mac editor to edit all patches. All synthesis and FX are done on the mSSP at 96kHz 32-bit. Output of the mSSP recorded using the big SSP at 96kHz 32-bit, and synced to video afterwards. Input signal for the mSSP was 2 STOs + 1 FUNCTION by make noise.

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Multi-timbral / Multi-Voice FM and sampling demo on the Percussa mSSP

Layered FM and sampling multi-timbral demo, in which we tweak ratio/detuning parameters of FM operators of the FM part of the patch. Each voice in the patch consists of 2 sine oscillators with amplitude envelopes, as well as one sample player, looping a vocal sample. The voices go to an internal bus and reverb module. In the second part of the video we switch to a different FM patch without sample playback in the voices, where we tweak amplitude and modulation envelopes of the FM operators. All sound synthesized on the mSSP and recorded on the big SSP.

Back the Percussa mSSP at

MATTHS aka matthew hodson just started a live stream series on the SSP -

new multichannel usb streaming update coming up tomorrow!