Synth Cable Supply Company

Has anyone had experience with these guys? Looks like a new supplier in Melbourne, but with a very narrow product range of… cables only.

I sent them a message via the online form, but got no reply, which leaves me reluctant to try an order. [UPDATE for those who may only read the first post - they responded very quickly here, others have vouched strongly for them, I placed an order and got a tracking confirmation SMS in the same evening, so looks like they’re on the ball]

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I bought some noodles from them a month ago. Saw their post on EBay, but ended up buying direct from their website.
Great cables, and service.
From memory they shipped express to Perth for free.
I’d have bought more if they had more cables in stock.
From my experience they’re legit.

Yeah I bought a bunch too - really nice n thin plugs and floppy cables (I hate stiff cables). There is another AUS company that does cables only - tendrils.

Cheers. Time for some cables.

Hey @hewed, yeah this is my little side business. The range is small at the moment as I was wanting to make sure the demand was there for my business. Turns out it is, as I’ve promptly sold out of lots of colours and lengths from the first manufacturing run (much quicker than I thought). Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the cables @nytlab and @LukeSnarl .I have a fresh run of cables being manufactured at the moment. There will be more colours & lengths of the compact cables, plus I’ll test the waters with some braided cables, 1/4 to 3.5mm, ‘floating ring’ CV cables, and mults. My intention is to build things slowly to make what I’m stocking is relevant to synth users. If there is something you wish was easier and cheaper to get in Australia/NZ, then let me know and I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Also @hewed I’m sorry I missed your message via the website. I actually have no record of that which is a worry. My email is if you wanted to try again.

No worries. I’ve put an order in this evening.

My question was on whether you do 10 pin to 10 pin cables. No worries if you don’t - it’s unlikely you’d get many orders for them.

I just got my tracking SMS - cheers.

In terms of additional products - if there’s an option for something non-cable like a product similar Befaco Knurlies (without infringing copyrights), that would be great. That said, I’ve just ordered another 100 from the US, so can’t promise I’d be a buyer in the near future.

Knurlies make racking and re-racking so much easier.


Thanks for the order @hewed I dropped off your order at AusPost this morning (apologies for the late night confirmation SMS, it looks like you got a few autogenerated from my website and Auspost near 11pm. I should stick to packing orders in the morning).

Regarding Knurlies, I’m drinking what you’re pouring as I’m looking into stocking rack screws right now & other rack/case solutions that aren’t covered by the excellent range already provided locally by Laurie at Elby (I’m not trying to undercut anybody in the local scene, I’m just trying to fill the gaps where they exist).

Realistically, getting M3 or M2.5 screws isn’t too hard to find at Bunnings. But, things like washers, or easier ways to safely rack and unrack a module is where the real value and need is. Knurled finger screws are definitely one of the options I’m looking into getting manufactured. The minimum quantities required to have them manufactured will be the main limiting issue here.

Sorry to jump in but I wanted to say that I had sourced a box of M3 x 10mm socket cap screws for a project before I started with Eurorack. They’re vaguely similar to the Befaco Knurlies but don’t have knurling around the cap. I can still hand screw them & tighten with a hex key. The branding on the box is “Brighton-Best” and they seem to be stocked at various local specialist fastener outlets. You might be able to get a good price on a bulk order and then marry them up with M3 nylon washers which are relatively easy to source in bulk online.

Cables arrived today. As @LukeSnarl commented, these are good floppy. No need to hang them in the sun with a weight on the end, which is my usual primitive treatment for stiff cables. The cable sheathing around the jacks is in line with the thinnest/most unobtrusive I’ve seen.

16-to-16 and 10-to-16 pin cables are not too long, not too short - maybe around 10 inches?

All well packaged in a box.

Cheers @bensaddiction.

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Ben’s cables are really great :grinning:
As soon as he’s restocked, I’ll be buying a bunch more.

To resurrect an old thread, these guys are ace. Put in an order Dec 2019, great customer service and the cables feel so sensual. Awesome!

I’ve gone back to them a few times, will likely go back more. I’ve got cables from a lot of places, but these are the best.

Totally agree.