The AW Forum Rules


A place for musicians, sound designers, artists… anyone with an interest in modular synthesizers. Aussies and friends around the world can discuss and share all things modular synth - gear, events, music and issues of interest to our community. We are an inclusive community - we celebrate and value all types of diversity.

Please share things you think will teach, encourage and inspire.
Please share your work, just don’t spam us with it.

Buy Sell Trade - this section is hidden to new members until a small amount of time is spent participating in the forum. At the moment its super simple but it will get harder. How exactly though!? Open a bunch of topics, interact, read and your trust level will bump up to 1 and the BST will become visible. Takes 10min.

BST Posts

  • Post with actual pics and prices… prices in $AUD
  • Post multiple items in the one post. Don’t post each item individually.
  • Sell modular gear, synths, drum machines, creative audio pieces, things that need a wiggle, things that need cv.
  • Dont sell audio interfaces, romplers, mixers, boring old keyboards, PA gear, meh samplers etc - that stuff is best sold elsewhere.
  • Unique and interesting musical instruments also allowed
  • Posts that go against this may be warned or just be deleted.

Anyone being offensive, abusive, or just trolling will be kicked out of the group no warning.

No hate, no spam, CV desired.

AW x

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