The Rabbit Hole


Did you just go down a rabbit hole…? But now you’re back to real life?!
Share what you just learnt/made.
Videos, text - however it may be.
What patch, what technique, what interesting sound did you come up with and how?
Thanks ray_diode for the idea.



Ok, well this is a bit noobish but last night I was running a random sequence to my klavis twin waves VCO, and I used channel 2 of my maths to raise and lower the tuning via the brainseed shift in.

maths channel 2 > brainseed shift in
clock > brainseed cycle in> brainseed out> VCO

i know it’s simple, but it tickled my potato


That twin waves looks/sounds aweosme. Did you record any of this patch?


Nope but I do recommend the twin waves. You can change the wave type via CV ala braids, plus there are 2 VCO’s in a small footprint. They can be LFO’s too :+1:t4:


Sounds good. Will have to get one


Divkid videos are amazingly informative!


Divkid videos should come with a financial health warning.


Chopping amens on the Octatrack.


Rings in inharmonic mode, Plaits particle noise in to rings in, FM from mangrove formant. Sounds like plucking a spring reverb


love me some Remarc! amen citay


I’m very excited to get back from the UK and update my bitbox. They’ve finally added slice to grid. Amen will be getting a good work out after that.


Spent the best part of today playing with my system that now includes a DLD, ModBox and Quantum Rainbow. Quantum Rainbow is a damn fine friend for Ultra Random Analog, and is making my compositions sound so juicy.


Rings v/oct in, rings odd/even out >rings ext in>rings out>wavefolder>woobly craziness


The noise options on the Sapel is part of why I purchased it. Saved me purchasing a seperate noise module.
I can see why the Quantum Rainbow is so attractive. Noise options are a must in a case.


I recently got a 2HP play and you can use the samples (as well as the micro HD) from the Bastl Grandpa in it - although you can only use 30 (??) of the samples. Great if you need a less wacky sampler.


Second that. Very nice sounds, very useful, and a pretty compact package. Still lots of it I haven’t wrapped my head around too, like the FM/AM input.


i found out it can act as a VCA too - well only ‘in module’ so to speak. Very deep.