Thoughts on ancillary kit from the Tin Shed


Bit of brainstorming here at Tin Shed towers to make sure I keep things useful and relevant for everyone.

I gots to thinking about what out there may be useful that is ancillary to Eurorack but not otherwise provided. Not talking desktop modules (i.e Mother 32 etc) - Although the Erebus is on way :slight_smile:

Things like cables, blank panels, screws etc are plentiful. But how about things like reasonably priced micro SD cards as they are being used more and more in a wide variety of modules ? Thats the kind of thinking I am after. make sense?

It may amount to nothing or end up being too expensive. not going to use the obvious “cogitation outside the 3 dimensional geometric shape” cliche but really keen to hear anyone’s thoughts.

thanks in advance



Paying postage for sd cards might be an issue for some.
Would love an affordable skiff option. < $200 without power
Could always use more stackables or whatever the new fangled option is atm for multiplying a signal

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Case options. Always a tough one though!
Cable hangers. That’s my next purchase.

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Rails, strips and side plates.


hmm yeah good point must admit in my mind i just assumed people would bundle them up with a bigger order. But good point.

A sub $200 skiff would be interesting to look into.

appreciate you reply mate



ah yes rails…cool

thanks for taking the time mate


Actually you remind me I need to order some more able hangers in.

Thank you mate. Much appreciated


+1 for strips, was looking for those a while ago and eventually gave up


I didn’t give up and found these. Schroff strips. M2.5, for vector rails.

RS Stock No. 875-3137 Mfr. Part No. 34561384

Needed 2mm shaved off the end to fit perfectly but at the price, hard to beat.

(Apologies to Mr Shed for thread(ed strip) hijacking)

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all good mate… :slight_smile:


Seeing as there is a good relationship with Befaco, their cables are quite good. You already have the knurlies which I love.

Hangers are a great idea. And so are the stackables and splitters. Maybe some passive and active bus boards? I had to get most of the gear from OS for the new case build.

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T-shirts & more T-shirts…& Tshirts!

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I think you are on to something here. Watch this space for Erica, Befaco and more Xaoc T-shirts :slight_smile:

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yeah I need to look at the bus board stuff. Erica and Befaco would be my go to for those. whaddya think?


Yeah I want one of them Xaoc T-shirts!


Legend. Already worn out my Xaoc t-shirt!


DIY psu/busboards are something that when I want them, I need them now, not 2 or 3 weeks shipping away. Sometimes I just need small, affordable supplies for small homemade rigs, nothing fancy, so the brands you mentioned are fine for that sort of thing.


Befaco boards look good. I don’t think Erica sells boards separately.


i want an erica synths hoodie but i dont want to ship it from latvia…


Well you may just be in luck :slight_smile: