TiNRS Australia visit January 2019


Just to let everyone know I am organising a Brisbane workshop/ gathering with Priscilla and Stijn from This is Not Rocket Science.
More details to come soon but it will be at Alchemix with the awesome Oscilloscape kicking off directly after
Sadly no other dates or venues are possible. So if you fancy registering to come along head over to the Events section in the online shop at www.timshedmodular.com



Great news!
New Sound Waves will also organise a similar gig in Sydney with them.
Details will follow.


Awesome - see you at the Sydney gig


Hi, Justin from New Sound Waves here. We’re currently planning a Sydney meetup featuring TINRS between 3 and 7 pm on Sunday 10 Feb at 107 projects in Redfern. Will advise once this is locked in.


Keen to check this one out, make sure you let us know when it’s locked in.

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darn tootin’